School Board

The Camanche School District’s Board of Education met on Monday, September 20thPlease note that these are not the official minutes.  The official Agendas and Minutes from the Camanche Community School District school board are available and posted on our school district website (  

Items to highlight from this school board meeting would include:  

  •  Several community members were present at the meeting and ten of them presented their viewpoint regarding not requiring face masks in school.  Later in the meeting, when the Board was discussing the agenda item regarding COVID-19 Protocols, a conversation took place regarding the use of masks by people on school property.  This issue is currently being debated in the court system and the school board to no action to change the district’s current position.  The district currently does not require masks but strongly encourages people to wear a mask while on school property.   The school board’s goal is to provide everyone with an environment that is as safe as possible while providing our students with a quality education.
  •  The representatives from the district’s architect, Bray Architecture, and construction manager, Estes Construction, were present to lead the Board through a discussion about possible reductions in Phase III of the Facilities Enhancement Project to bring the project in line with the $13.4 million budget.  Currently Phases I and II have progressed nicely, but the bids received for Phase III were 18% over budget.  The Board decided to set a special meeting on September 22nd to discuss this topic thoroughly.
  •  NOTE:  At their special meeting on September 22nd, the Board took action to direct Bray and Estes to amend the scope of Phase III of the project to follow an option that keeps the cost in line with the budget, while maintaining the original square footage.  The intent will be to rebid this phase of the project after the holidays.
  •  Superintendent Parker reviewed the statewide school board elections that will be coming up this November 2nd with Polls open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.  The seats currently held by Todd Gravert, Stacy Kinkaid, and Peg Wolf will be the ones on the ballot.  There are four people who have submitted papers to be on the ballot for the three available seats.  Stacy Kinkaid will run for re-election; with Rich Klahn, Janna Linville, and Kelli Sullivan running for what would be their first term.
  •  The Board approved the recommendation to purchase a new multi passenger vehicle to replace an older school vehicle that was no longer able to meet safety standards.
  •  Business Director Aude informed the Board that we are currently seeing a slow cash flow in the General Fund due to slow property tax distribution.  A line of credit will need to be established this month in order to address this.  The Board set a special meeting on September 22nd in order to take action to secure a Promissory Note from Clinton National Bank.
  • The Board approved the recommended membership for the School Improvement Advisory Committee.
  • The Board approved having the district apply for Special Education Supplemental Funding to offset the deficit in that area.
  • The Board approved increasing the price for adult school lunches to $3.95 to comply with state recommendations.  Student lunches are still free thanks to federal funding during the pandemic. 

As is usually the case, the school board completed the meeting by approving administrative recommendations regarding personnel.