School Board

The Camanche School District’s Board of Education met on Monday, June 21stPlease note that these are not the official minutes.  The official Agendas and Minutes from the Camanche Community School District school board are available and posted on our school district website (  

Items to highlight from this school board meeting would include:  

  •  Superintendent Parker congratulated Board members for being named as one of the recipients of Clinton Community College’s Alumni Association’s Outstanding Business Associate for 2021.  The Camanche School Board was part of a group of area school boards and superintendents that received this recognition.  This was awarded, “Because of the support of the Superintendents and School Boards of Clinton and Jackson Counties, the community will be strengthened with new CTE (career and technical education) opportunities.  The new facilities will train students going into a new program as well as students improving their skills or changing career paths.  This investment will strengthen our counties for years to come.”
  •  Bray Architects presented a virtual tour showing what the completed Facilities Enhancement Project will look like.  The Board was very impressed with the planned outcome of the project and is looking forward to seeing it become a reality.  There are some poster boards showing these planned upgrades posted at the Administration Center and at the High School.
  •  Representatives of the Mascot Transition Committee presented their recommendation to the Board to transition to the “Storm” as the new school mascot/nickname.  They described the process the committee followed to arrive at this recommendation.  The committee was composed of students, staff, alumni, and community members who received considerable feedback from the public.  Board members thanked the committee for their work and time in going through this process.  The school board voted to accept the recommendation on a 5-2 vote.
  •  Superintendent Parker reviewed the school administration’s proposal to use ARP ESSER funding provided by the federal government to add an at-risk teacher at each building.  The purpose for doing this revolves around providing academic support for students who were negatively impacted by the pandemic.  The school board approved moving forward with this recommendation
  •  The school board approved the Band Trip for the next school year to Florida.  This trip will occur during Spring Break from March 12th – 17th.  Students will have opportunities to raise funds for this trip through various fund-raising activities this upcoming school year.
  •  The Board approved authorizing the Superintendent to approve Change Orders during the ongoing Facilities Enhancement Project up to $10,000.  This would only happen during those times where it would not be practical to wait for the school board to meet to give their approval and all change orders would still be formally approved by the school board during their meetings.
  •  Superintendent Parker reported that by the end of the school year there was a very low COVID-19 infection rate impacting our schools. The school board thanked everyone for doing their part in helping the District in dealing with the challenges caused by the Pandemic.  A special thank you was given to School Nurse, Amanda Hoerschelmann recognizing all of her work in dealing with this unprecedented health crisis.
  •  The Board reviewed and approved Student Handbooks for the 2021-2022 school year.
  •  The Board approved the recommendation to increase School Bus Driver’s rate of pay on Student Activity Trips to $13/hour.
  •  The school board formally approved the Graduating Class of 2021 and offered their congratulations to the graduates and their families.
  •  The school board approved multiple agreements with various organizations that support student learning and/or the day to day operations of the school district. 

As is usually the case, the school board completed the meeting by approving administrative recommendations regarding personnel.