JMC - Lunch may be used to check student balances, change your Low Balance Email settings, and see what your student ate. Please click on the JMC Logo below to access your student’s food service account.



To all parents trying to make deposits into their children's lunch account using Touchbase. You may access your account by clicking the InTouch logo below.

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Meal Prices:

Student Breakfast$1.70
Adult Breakfast$1.95
Elementary Lunch$2.40
Middle School Lunch$2.50
High School Lunch$2.60
High School Second Lunch$3.75
Adult Lunch$3.75

Free/Reduced Meals

This information and applications are available at registration and in our main office. Please contact Taryn Determan in the Administration Office, 563-259-3004. You may also download the instructions and application by clicking either Application Instructions or Free and Reduced Application.

Negative Balances for school meals

Students who do not have enough money in their account will be allowed to have the fruit and vegetables being offered that day and a carton of milk, with the cost of the milk (30 cents) being charged to their meal account.

With this new policy being implemented, it is imperative that you remain aware of your student(s) account balance and that payments be made promptly. There are three options to making payments: on-line through TouchBase, at any building office, during business hours, or by mailing in a check to any of the building's offices or the administration office. Please contact Taryn Determan in the administration office, 563-259-3004, for assistance with any on-line payment questions or concerns.